Staff Party

Updated: 5th May 18

It was Irene’s farewell party and end of year dinner. The department had gathered at K Suit for a night of drinks and singing. Being a high class KTV lounge, everyone had dress up in their bess for the event.

Yan Ling had worn one of her fav warp around tube dress for the party, it was a fun night with many games and display of vocal powers. The Party ended at almost 3am.

Feeling very tipsy already, Yanling’s 2 colleagues Roy and Mark had offered to escort her home. Being colleagues for closed to two years with them. She had felt safe in their hand…until..

‘In the Carpark floor..while helping her to the taxi stand..

Roy: Eh she cannot already.

Mark: Ya lo. Cannot drink still want to drink.

Roy: But i think she drink more than us lo.

Mark: Hiya don’t care la. Leave her here or bring her back?

Roy: Bring her back lo.

Putting his hand under her arms, Mark try to steady Yanling sluggish walking steps along the way. This is also placed his hand awfully closed to the side of her tube.  Mark accidentally brush his hand against the the side

of Yanling’s breast.

Mark: She not wearing bra lo.

Roy: What? Really ah? If i touch she will know?

Mark: Just touch la. She so weak already, know also cannot do

anything lo.

Placing his hand on to her firm breast, Roy begin to cup Yanling’s right breast in his palm.

Roy: Really not wearing lei.

Mark: Eh why not lets have fun with her.

Roy: Huh? Siao ah.

Mark: She’s always so primp and proper during work and acting all bossy. Don’t miss the chance la.

Roy and Mark started to drag Yanling to a darker corner of the carpark, it was a right angle band behind a pillar.

After laying Yanling down flat on the floor, Mark unclip the fastener holding her dress together  at the side and slow unwrapped the dress, using it as a picnic sheet on the ground.

Clapd in only her panties now, Yanling’s large breast was fully exposed to the eye of her 2 colleagues.

Mark: Wow her breasts very big lei.

Roy: Ya lo. Everyday see her wearing blazer, never notice she got such big breast.

Mark: Eh take out your camera.

Roy: Ok.

Mark started to lick Yanling’s breast, squeezing her large breast in his hands as Roy took photos of the two soft mould being squeezed into various shape.

By now, Yanling was starting to struggle as she realised that all is not right, but they pinned her down with their hands. Being unable to moved, Yanling’s sensitive body begin to react in the way it always have.  She started to moan in her daze stage and her legs started to stray apart. While taking the sight of all this in on his Iphone X, Roy notice the subtle move below and turn his attention there.

Roy:What a slut! There is already a wet patch on her panties!

Roy: Wa lao! getting me horny lo.

Mark: Ya, just play her big breast a bit only can come out so much juice. I am going to take out her panties.

Mark slowly strip Yanling panties down her legs, realign her bare sex to the two young boys. Her vagina juice leaving a trail as her panties was removed.

Roy: wow she wax leh, move aside, let me take some close up photo!

In her drunken state, Yanling wasn’t able to stop Roy from taking dozens of intimate picture of her private part.



—To Be Continued—


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